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Debrisoft® Sterile Monofilament Wound Debridement Pads, 10cm x 10cm x 5 pads/box

132.35 CAD

Debrisoft® provides a quick and effective method of wound debridement that is virtually painless, producing rapid and visible results in only a couple of minutes

The NEW Debrisoft® wound debridement pad from Lohmann & Rauscher is a quick, effective and virtually pain free method of providing debridement for wounds and produces rapid results that are visible in only a few minutes. Debrisoft® is comprised of a precision cut synthetic fiber pile which removes debris from the wound bed and surrounding skin, while sparing viable granulation and epithelial tissue. Practical and portable, Debrisoft® is readily available for every treatment location.

The Debrisoft® difference:

  • The 18 million beveled fiber tips gently lossens non-viable material
  • The synthetic fiber pile removes debris from the wound bed and surrounding skin
  • It’s reinforced backing makes it easy to use

5 individual 10 x 10cm pads per box