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Leukoplast® Sleek LF.  5cm x 3m. Single Spool.

Leukoplast® Sleek LF. 5cm x 3m. Single Spool.

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Item: B-7235909-S

Leukoplast® Sleek® LF


High strength, waterproof adhesive tape, aka: surgical tape, “pink tape”


The classic tape for normal skin. Leukoplast® consists of a high quality viscose backing coated with a zinc oxide caoutchouc adhesive.  It ensures a high initial and permanent adhesion. Due to the porous coating of the adhesive Leukoplast® is permeable to air thus reducing the risk of macerations. The material is extremely resistant to tension.


Ideal for fixation of dressings and appliances where they are likely to be in contact with dirt or water. Non-sterile. Hand-tearable widthwise.


Available in single plastic spool format, or in bulk pack boxes on cardboard rolls (no plastic spool and cover).


Available in 2 widths: 2.5 cm or 5.0 cm ; all widths and spools/rolls are 3 m in length.