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LympheDUDES Arm Sleeve, Cyborg

LympheDUDES Arm Sleeve, Cyborg

99.95 CAD32.44 CAD

See Sizing Chart in Item Photos.

This listing is for Class 1 (20-30mmHg) armsleeve ONLY (no gauntlet)


SLEEVE: Wrist: 19-23.5 cm, Forearm 28.9-34.3 cm, Bicep: 32.4-50.5 cm, Length: 43-56 cm.

Sleeve is suitable for either left or right arm.


LympheDivas is dedicated to creating medically correct and fashionable compression apparel for the savvy and stylish breast cancer survivor with lymphedema which will inspire her to feel beautiful, strong, and confident.

LympheDivas manufactures sleeves in beautiful bright colors and bold patterns. Every compression armsleeve is seamlessly knit from moisture wicking fibers to keep your arm dry and comfortable. The fabric is infused with micro-encapsulated aloe vera to help soften and moisturize your skin.

LympheDivas armsleeves are 100% latex free and knit from nylon and lycra elastane. Made in USA.

LympheDivas™ arm sleeve features:

·         Moisture-Wicking technology, which pulls sweat away from the body and is fast drying

·         Aloe Vera moisturizing micro-capsules are added as a fabric finishing process to provide unscented softness and skin protection

·         360 Degree Stretch which allows the garment to stretch as your arm bends and flexes to help prevent binding at the elbow

·         Fine Knit Construction which produces a smooth lightweight surface and replicates a "second skin"

·         Graduated Compression in either compression Class 1 (20-30mmHg)

·         Diva Diamond Band which is a latex and silicone-free gripper applied directly to the inside top cuff of the sleeve to help keep your garment in place and your skin less irritated