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Rosidal CC, 10cm x 6m, Cohesive Compression Bandage

Rosidal CC, 10cm x 6m, Cohesive Compression Bandage

15.70 CAD6.87 CAD
LR-33499, Rosidal CC, Cohesive Compression Bandage, 10 cm x 6 m

This item is for single rolls of the 10 cm COHESIVE SHORT STRETCH BANDAGE only.
This bandage can be used alone, or over top of any padding bandage.
This bandage is latex free and can be unwrapped and re-rolled for re-use.
This item is also available in kit format with Rosidal SC padding bandages, making "Rosidal TCS," Two-Component System:

Rosidal TCS, Two-Component System.

Rosidal TCS combines Rosidal SC, an innovative padding compression bandage with integrated fabric for skin protection and Rosidal CC, a cohesive short stretch compression bandage. The two components work together to deliver effective levels of working compression and low levels of resting compression with comfort and safety built-in. The low resting pressure is a clear advantage in terms of compliance, especially at night. 

Rosidal TCS ensures safe application with the Safe-Loc system. With this feature, both components are applied at full stretch; pull to 100% stretch, wrap and you're done.User and patient friendly, Rosidal TCS provides secure and easy application with patient comfort and convenience.

The Rosidal TCS system components are not made with natural rubber latex, making them a good alternative for people with latex hypersensitivity. 
Advantages: the Safe-Loc system ensures safe and easy application.  The soft compression layer combines foam and integrated fabric in a single layer; helps evenly distribute pressure and protect sensitive skin from irritation  The durable cohesive compression bandage helps reduce slippage, is thin and supple – fits easily into shoes