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Rosidal® Lymphset, Deluxe Double Leg Kit

253.15 CAD

Pre-packaged, convenient kit contains all of the necessary components required for a professional lymphological compression dressing. Ready for use at any time, the kit makes ordering and inventory management easier. The kit contains two complete sets: one to wear and one to wash, allowing uninterrupted usage. Also includes an illustrated application guide.

Double Leg Kit:
Rosidal® K 6cm x 5m - 2 rolls
Rosidal® K 8cm x 5m - 2 rolls
Rosidal® K 10cm x 5m - 4 rolls
Rosidal® K 12cm x 5m - 4 rolls
Cellona® Padding 10cm x 3m - 4 rolls
Cellona® Padding 15cm x 5m - 6 rolls
Mollelast® 4cm x 4m - 20 rolls
tg® Tubular, size 9 - 1 box
Komprex® Small Kidney - 2 rolls
Silkafix® 1.25cm x 5m - 1 roll
Bandage Guide & Care Instructions