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Silver Liners - Short (Knee Length), Pair.

29.95 CAD

Solaris Silver Liners - Short


Silver Liners are designed specifically to be worn under compression garments and are manufactured with a blend of materials that result in a soft, comfortable and breathable fabric that offers anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-static properties due to the presence of the highly regarded X-Static brand silver fibres.


Silver Liners are sold in pairs and available in two lengths:

SHORT is a below-knee length and LONG is a thigh length. 

Short: LN-LE-AD, up to 60 cm girth (can accommodate a little more, though)

Long, Regular: LN-LE-AG-RG, Regular: 48-74 cm groin girth, total length 95 cm

Long, Max: LN-LE-AG-MX, Max: 74-103 cm groin girth, total length 95 cm


Wearing Silver Liners not only offers the wearer comfort and protection but also protects compression garments from direct contact with the skin, helping to extend the life of garments and keeping them fresher longer.