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Swiftband II, Self-Closure Bandage

Swiftband II, Self-Closure Bandage

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Swiftband II

Self Closure Bandage

Quick and easy application with these high quality, self-closure bandages. The double self-closure features a hook and loop system at both ends. The hook and loop closure conveniently secures the bandage and eliminates the need for clips, pins, or tape. Knitted construction for improved support, compression, and comfort.

Fields of application

  • Support and compression
  • Sprains and strains
  • Securing dressings, splints, or casts

Features/ Benefits

  • Quick and easy application
  • Hook and loop closure at both ends eliminates need for clips, pins, or tape
  • Latex free
  • Lengthwise extensibility approximately 200 %
  • Hand washable 30° C/ 86° F
  • Polyester, cotton, spandex, elastomer

Swiftband Double Self Closure Elastic Bandage

individually sealed

Available Sizes:

10 cm x 5 m

10 cm x 10 m

15 cm x 5 m

15 cm x 10 m