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Tensopress© 10 cm x 3 m x 1 Roll

Tensopress© 10 cm x 3 m x 1 Roll

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Tensopress® Elastic Compression Bandage

Tensopress is a knitted bandage incorporating a soft blend of cotton, viscose and elastic thread. This combination reduces the possibility of irritation to sensitive healing skin and provides superior stretching properties, making it highly conformable. Tensopress is a light, strong bandage that will not fray at the edges and is long enough to cover the leg from the base of the toes to the knee. Easy to use and comfortable to wear, Tensopress provides consistent stretch and regain for controlled compression. The durable elastic construction ensures sustained compression, while the conformable design avoids ridging and uneven pressure.

Features and Benefits

Controlled Compression

·         Tensopress gives you precise control over bandage compression, with an even increase in elasticity throughout its working extension, to make sub-bandage pressures considerably easier to gauge.

Easy to Use

·         The design and knit of Tensopress make it a strong, light and easy to use bandage which naturally follows a smooth and consistent line around the difficult shapes and angles of the foot and ankle. Tensopress conforms smoothly and evenly to provide the patient with a comfortable yet firm bandage. A central green line has been included to aid correct overlap.

Sustained Compression

·         The research behind Tensopress indicates that it sustains an even and consistent compression for periods of over a week, even after washing, making it an extremely reliable and cost-effective treatment option.

Reduced Irritation

·         Tensopress stays firmly in place to reduce irritation and the temptation for the patient to interfere with open or healing areas.

Contraindications / Precautions

Tensopress is not suitable for ankles of less than 18cm in circumference. If necessary, pad ankle to 18cm or greater. As with all compression bandages, it should not be applied to patients who have marked ischaemia or impaired arterial blood supply.

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7.5cm x 3m x 1 Roll,


10cm x 3m x 1 Roll