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TheraFit Arm

395 CAD

Custom-Adjustable Therapeutic Nighttime Compression Sleeves

Arm Style: Fingertips-to-Axilla

Product Code: TF-UE-AG-


Available in Small, Medium and Large for Left or Right Arm.

Each size is available in Short, Average or Tall Length.


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TheraFit garments are sold through our network of professional medical suppliers.  

Please feel free to contact us for more information and/or to find a dealer near you.



Toll-Free:       1-855-857-8500



What is TheraFit?


TheraFit is a standard-sized, adjustable compression garment designed by healthcare professionals to help simplify nightly lymphedema management.


This garment offers a custom-adjustable compression level via its unique stretch lacing system and is constructed of skin-friendly, high-tech fabric that wicks moisture and warmth away from the wearer’s skin and contains medical grade, mixed density foam particles that apply a high-and-low surface pressure differential against the skin, stimulating micro-circulation and effectively softening fibrosis. The combination of gradient compression and quilted, directional channels guides fluid away from affected areas.


TheraFit offers a simple, safe and effective way to eliminate the need to use traditional multi-layer bandaging components such as stockinette, cast padding and rolled foam, and is so easy to care for – simply wash and dry on permanent press settings in your home laundry machines as often as needed.*


Full-length, fingertips-to-axilla style arm sleeve is available in a generous range of standard sizes, including three lengths to ensure the best possible fit.


*do not use bleach or softening agents on your TheraFit; full laundering guideline can be found in the User Guide