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Whitaker Pouch

Whitaker Pouch

59.95 CAD49.95 CAD

Indications: Scrotal edema in palliative or acute situations. Whitaker Pouch may also be used as a maintenance garment.


Contraindications: There are no specific contraindications to the Whitaker Pouch but it should be fitted by an experienced clinician who should be aware of any vascular or sensory problems indicating greater caution.


Measuring: Patient should be lying down supine if possible.  Use a paper tape to measure the circumference of the scrotum at the widest point.  If in doubt then you are advised to select a larger size.


Belt:  Comes with a 100cm elastic waist belt with a Velcro™ closure that fits waist circumferences up to 150 cm.


Fitting: The pouch is designed to fit the scrotum only, the penis extending through the space between the two vertical suspension straps and may be bandaged separately as required. The belt should fit comfortably without restricting the patient.


Checking and re-fitting: You are advised to teach your patient and/or his caregiver(s) to check the skin condition regularly. Due to the possibility of rapid reduction of the edema with this garment, you may need to re-measure for a smaller garment more frequently than standard garments. Regular reviews are recommended.


Returns/Refunds:  No returns, exchanges or refunds for hygienic reasons.


Available in 3 sizes of pouch:





Small ;     33-40 cm scrotal girth


Medium ; 41 -48 cm scrotal girth


Large ;     49-56 cm scrotal girth